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Enlighted Shenanigans Grip App and Set Lighting App

The Grip App and the Set Lighting App collect information and specifications on tons of relevant products to provide easy access to gaffers and grips on-set.  Explain creators Darcy Schlitt and Nat Aguilar, “While on a shoot last year, we were building a truss rig to light a 40 ft stage when a colleague approached myself and Nat and said, ‘Let’s put your apps to the test…’ – he then proceeded to look up the max load capacity for the truss and rigging equipment, to cross check with the weights of the cables, lights and accessories. It took him about 3-4 minutes to find and calculate everything using our apps. Yes he could’ve easily found all of this information by doing a simple Google. But, aside from him wanting to make us squirm while he put our apps to his test, he didn’t have the time to hunt down this information. We designed these apps to be as mobile as we are on set to make our lives easier.”

Each app costs $9.99 in the iTunes Store. Read more here on Wide Open Camera.