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Ella Fitzgerald, Miniature Sets, and Football Combine in ESPN’s Surprising Spot

The new spot for ESPN’s New Year’s Eve college football play-offs juxtaposes an Ella Fitzgerald torch song with images of the game.

“How do we merge the history of New Year’s Eve in New York City with the culture of college football fans? And how do we do it with grace and poise? That was our concept,” explains director Yves Geleyn.

To set the mood, production company Hornet created a miniature set and shot practically to capture the delicate atmosphere. Dynamic football footage was then added to the building’s multiple screens, incorporating the excitement and passion of the fans.

“I wanted to assume that contrast,” said Geleyn. “We took the content, a seemingly contradictory pair, and found a way to fuse them together and balance out the story. I think that’s the best part about it.”

Watch the spot here.