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Electrosonics IPTV 3G to 3G Transport Series, JPEG 2000 Server and DCI-Compliant Server at NAB 2008

Las Vegas – Attendees of NAB Show 2008 will have the opportunity to scope two brand-new Electrosonic product

intros: The ES7000 IPTV Transport Products series and the MS9600 JPEG 2000 2K server. Electrosonic will be exhibiting in booth # SL14708.

Electrosonic will be one of 1,600 exhibitors from across the globe presenting at this exciting annual showplace and source for the “creativity, inspiration, solutions and

next-generation technologies that help breathe life into your content.” The NAB Show conference and expo is expected to play host to more than 110,000 attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center this coming April 11-17.

Electrosonic will be previewing its ES7000 series IPTV Transport Products, leading the industry with a 3Gb/s to 3Gb/s IP transport solution. The ES7000 range will raise performance standards in Contribution, Live Event and other IPTV Broadcast applications requiring robust delivery of high quality 3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s or SD video over IP networks with low delay at highly efficient bit-rates.

Says Electrosonic Products General Manager, Karl Johnson, “We’re very excited about the introduction of this product range. They are among the first in the industry to provide a 3Gb/s to 3Gb/s IPTV transport solution for 1920×1080, 60Hz High Definition Video. In addition, they produce high image qualities, equivalent to the JPEG2000 compression standard, at bitrates comparable with MPEG products with very low latency. This makes them ideal for live events and contribution applications.”

The units accept SDI or HDSDI inputs with embedded audio and data and transmit them over LAN or WAN connections. Embedded error concealment ensures robust delivery of video over uncorrected networks and audio, video and data synchronization is maintained.

The ES7000 series supports contribution applications, live events, real-time studio-to-studio exchange, and tele-presence, as well as post production and in-house signal distribution applications.

Also being shown at NAB Show 2008 will be Electrosonic’s MS9600 JPEG 2000 appliance that plays unencrypted JPEG2000 content at 2K, 1080p and 720p resolutions. The company will also be previewing its Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) compliant version of the player, which promises to take the Digital Cinema industry by storm.

With the ability to offer sharp, vivid images at a reasonable price, the MS9600 incorporates 2K resolution via dual HD-DSI and dual DVI-I video outputs, an advanced user interface and confidence monitor and 16 channels of broadcast quality digital audio. It features Timecode and Genlock, gigabit network and four general-purpose I/O.

The unit also supports web interface for complete remote control and configuration for playlist management, SNMP, reporting and Metadata support. It complies with 48 fps 3D playback. What’s more, multiple units can be synchronized for multi-screen presentation.

Bryan Hinckley, Business Manager of the Electrosonic Products Group notes, “Electrosonic has been producing high definition MPEG video servers for 10 years now and, with our years of development expertise, we proudly move into the JPEG2000 realm. The MS9600 is ideal for quality control applications in the JPEG 2000 post production workflow and digital 3D markets. More importantly, this product release represents the first milestone in creating a DCI compliant appliance for the Digital Cinema market.”

For more than 80 years, NAB Show has been an “essential destination that is synonymous with next-generation technology, education and insight”, so don’t miss it!

Electrosonic also manufactures proprietary Wavelet based HD streaming and recording solutions along with JPEG 2000 video servers.

Electrosonic has a 43-year history of providing advanced media solutions for a myriad of communications markets at hundreds of sites worldwide.