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DP Kris Kachikis Shoots on the Sony F55 for ‘Mascots’

Cinematographer Kris Kachikis talks to Filmmaker Magazine about making his feature film debut shooting Christopher Guest’s new Netflix mockumentary Mascots. After some testing, Kachikis decided to shoot with the Sony F55.

“I own two Alexas and that’s what I like to work with, but Netflix mandated that we shoot 4K, so we shot with a Sony F55 after we tested every 4K camera that was out there,” he explains. “We thought the skin looked the best with the Sony and Christopher had a bad experience with a Red camera on one of his other projects, so he and I were both gun-shy on the Red. The thing that killed the Red in the test was, to me, there was a lot of noise in the blacks. The whole end of the movie is these live performances in a theater with lots of contrast and on the Sony it looks beautiful, but there was a lot of noise in the dark blues and blacks when we tested the Red. A lot of people love that noise and say, “Oh, it looks like film grain,” but if I want to put film grain in there, I can do that later (in post). We just wanted a clean image and the Sony gave us that.”

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