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Does David Lynch Dream of Cherry Pie?

"It's a great world to go into, as far as I'm concerned."

When asked if he dreams about the characters in

Twin Peaks

, both the series he originally created and his new one, David Lynch fondly tells

Hanh Nguyen

, “Not every night, but quite often. I love them so much and I love the world. It’s a great world to go into, as far as I’m concerned.”

In re-introducing audiences to

Twin Peaks

, Lynch explains, “First you try to please yourself, and you try to get every element to feel correct before you walk away, and it’s built with many, many, many different types of elements and you want to get them all as good as you can get them so they feel correct to you, and in doing so you hope they feel correct to others.”

Lynch admits that while production technologies have evolved over the past 25 years since the original series debuted, “the technology can change, but storytelling remains the same. It’s just a digital world now instead of an analog world, but now the storytelling’s the same. You got different tools. That’s all.”

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