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Documentary ‘Where Is Rocky II?’ Is an Art Mystery

Pierre Bismuth’s documentary Where Is Rocky II? is a unique, fascinating look at a piece of art that may or may not exist.

According to a 1979 BBC documentary, artist Ed Ruscha once made a resin sculpture of a boulder, called it “Rocky II,” and placed it somewhere in the Mojave desert. Yet that’s the last most people have ever heard of the piece.

Using a combination of private detectives and screenwriters, Bismuth’s Where Is Rocky II? tries to prove the existence of the piece. 

“It’s totally normal for the audience of Where is Rocky II? to doubt that everything exists,” Bismuth tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The film succeeded to push people to doubt just about everything in it. Of course it’s the opposite, everything you see is true.”

Read the full story here and watch a conversation with Bismuth and screenwriter D.V DeVincentis below.

WHERE IS ROCKY II? Pierre Bismuth – D.V. DeVincentis – Jonathan Griffin. Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 from Paris Photo on Vimeo.