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‘Doctor Foster’ DP Hones the Panasonic VariCam 35’s Dramatic Capabilities

Cinematographer Jean-Phillippe Gossart speaks to Definition Magazine about using the Panasonic’s VariCam 35 to film the BBC’s Doctor Foster and some of the modular changes that were made to the camera to make it suitable for shooting a drama.

“In my opinion there should be no reason why people shouldn’t use this camera,” he says. “It’s a camera that’s in a good place but it can still grow up at bit in terms of design for drama use. If I’ve got one criticism is the fact that they’ve got a camera that’s modular for either documentary or drama, I would like to see one just for drama. I think they are very close to having something very special. I would look at the weight of it again, I would look at the positioning of controls, those kind of things. They’ve got a good viewfinder, a good sensor on it, but it’s the first generation of the camera so there’s no reason you won’t get these things.”