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‘Django Unchained’: Old School Filmmaking That Doesn’t Look Old School

Cinematographer Robert Richardson discusses shooting on 35mm film for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and some of the old-fashioned techniques he used to tell the story of a very modern Western. 

He says, “With Quentin [Tarantino], it was old school – and yet it doesn’t look old school. That’s the beauty of his work. It’s very out-front. It’s more dazzling. He’s a remarkable director. You can take contemporary equipment and new school ideas, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your work is going to be any better. In fact, your work could become worse. How often have we heard that with digital, you don’t have to light anymore? That’s not true. You need to light and shape the light because the element of light remains a contributor to the story. Why give that up? It’s absurd.”

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