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Discover Video Streaming Products Engage Students in Texas School District

Located near Houston, the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District encompasses more than 40 schools and 30,000 students. It uses the Discover Video DEVOS visual communications platform to deliver live video to classrooms and common areas. Two DEVOS servers were installed and clustered to handle the large volume of live streaming traffic in the district.

Each school streams morning announcements from a small TV studio outfitted with two HD cameras, USB microphones, a light kit and greenscreen (chroma key) capabilities. The students take turns in broadcast roles (anchor, camera operator, lighting director), which allows nearly every student in the grade level to participate and learn about video production. Each studio contains a PC with the Discover Video Streamsie Pro encoding software and a Captiva video and audio USB capture device.

Lamar CISD also delivers more than 40 live TV channels to classrooms using the DEVOS IPTV system. Hardware encoders connected to TV tuners stream the channels in HD format (720p) to the DEVOS servers, which then forward the streams to classrooms. Lamar CISD uses the Discover Video optional TV channel guide feature, allowing teachers to easily find a desired program and record it for on-demand playback.

Lastly, major sporting events such as playoff games are streamed on the school network to accommodate large audiences that can’t fit into the stadiums. The live event stream is decoded with either a Discover Video media player or a PC and displayed on a large TV monitor.