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Directors Use Sonys XDCAM System at Sundance Filmmakers Lab

The annual

Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab

featured a coming attraction of new technology that promises to redefine the moviemaking process for cinematographers and editors: Sony’s XDCAM Professional Disc System. Since its inception in 1981, lab personnel relied exclusively on digital videotape formats, but after seeing the potential of shooting with XDCAM, a move to optical disc could be in store.

The DPs at the Lab used one PDW-530 on a rotating basis, mostly for interior and exterior shots. The goal of the lab is to give filmmaker’s a chance to put their screenplays “on their feet.” Each year, eight to 10 filmmakers come to the lab to work out the most problematic scenes in their scripts in a collaborative environment.

The XDCAM family includes the PDW-510 DVCAM and the PDW-530 MPEG IMX/DVCAM camcorders, the PDW-1500 optical disc compact deck, and the PDW-V1 optical disc mobile deck. The system uses Sony’s PFD-23 Professional Disc media, which can store 23.3 GB of content on one disc making the XDCAM solution optimal for acquisition through to archiving.