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Director Ondi Timoner on the Charismatic and Enigmatic Russell Brand

IndieWire interviews director Ondi Timoner about her documentary Brand: A Second Coming, a close-up look at the mercurial comedian and sometime activist, Russell Brand, and her short film,The Last Mile.” about inmates inside California’s San Quentin prison who participated in a tech incubator for social-based apps. 

Charlie Schmidlin writes that Timinor explains how she got involved with the subjects of “The Last Mile.” 

“‘It’s a fascinating topic for me,'” she says. “‘Originally, I made films about women in prison. So I was very obsessed with just how broken our prison system is. Then “We Live In Public” was really my introduction to the technology world, and with A Total Disruption I’ve stayed on top of it for five years now. And then all of a sudden, I hear there’s a tech incubator inside a prison? I’m just like, “Oh my god, this is potentially a solution that can be viable, one that can work.'”