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Director Exploits Rolling Shutter to Create a Trance-Like Music Video

The most impressive thing about Lee Skinner’s trance-like music video for Drew Lustman’s “Wolves” is that the entire thing was shot in-camera by taking the distortion caused by rolling shutter to the extremes.

Skinner tells The Creators Project, “Rolling shutter describes how modern CMOS sensor chips scan each frame progressively, from top to bottom. It’s the same technology that causes wobbly Jell-O like artifacting of your shaky cell phone videos. For this music video, a motorized rig was built to spin a camera on its x-axis, so that it tumbles backward. Using a voltage dimmer, the motor is brought up to just the right speed so that each frame is scanned in the time that it takes to do a full revolution around.”

Watch below and read the full story here.