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Director Andrey Zvyagintsev on Exploring the Confrontation Between the Individual and the System in ‘Leviathan’

Andrey Zvyagintsev, the director of the acclaimed Russian film Leviathan, speaks to Indiewire about the intentions behind his film.

He says, “The basic intention was to expand the idea of confrontation between the individual and the system, like it happened with Marvin John Heemeyer, whose case inspired me at the beginning. That story happened in Colorado in 2004. Marvin John Heemeyer was a 52-year-old welder whose property was expropriated. He was a lonely person. He had no one around him, no family. His work was all he had. He constructed a bulletproof bulldozer and drove it into town. He demolished several municipal buildings before shooting himself. This story amazed me and I decided to make this movie. I wanted to expand on this story based on this case in the U.S. I wanted to adapt it to the social context in Russia. I wanted to transform this simple story of confrontation between individual and system to a big scale or large scope story, about a person who is losing everything consecutively: family, property, and friends. Added to this he is also facing betrayal from those he loves.”

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