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Digital Film Tools Releases DIGITAL FILM LAB 1.0

DIGITAL FILM LAB is a plug-in from

Digital Film Tools

meant to simulate a variety of film looks, popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses and optical lab processes — all in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing. DIGITAL FILM LAB is made up of Color Correct, Bleach Bypass, Low Contrast, Flashing, Overexpose, Diffusion, Blur, Grad, Grain and Post Color Correct modules all integrated into one plug-in.

By loading presets, parameters in the various modules are automatically set to achieve a variety of different effects. There are over 150 presets organized into black and white, blur, diffusion, enhancing, film grain, fog, gradients, looks, low contrast, temperature and tint categories. For instance, in the looks category, you can find the following film looks: Basic; Basic Black, White and Warm Diffusion; Black and White Cool, Sepia and Hicon; Bleach Bypass Normal, Warm and Cool; Color Reversal; Cool and Warm Desaturated; Infra-Red; Night Vision; Punchy; Soft White Diffusion; Warm and Cool. Feel free to use our presets, modify them or create your own.

DIGITAL FILM LAB is available now for Adobe After Effects and After Effects compatible programs, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Commotion and Discreet Combustion with versions for Avid Editing Systems and Adobe Photoshop to follow shortly. DIGITAL FILM LAB can be downloaded or purchased for $245.