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Digidesign Announces DigiDelivery & Launches DigiZine Printed Edition(5)


, a division of Avid Technology, Inc. (AVID), announced DigiDelivery for global file transfer. Combining an ultra-simple software utility with an industrial grade server appliance, DigiDelivery enables users to securely exchange any kind of digital file of virtually any size with anyone in the world. With DigiDelivery installed on an Ethernet network, DSL or cable modem, users simply drag and drop files to send a delivery, or click a link in an email to receive a delivery — there’s no need for recipients to enter IP addresses, usernames, or passwords. DigiDelivery is available now at select dealer locations.

Digidesign is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a free quarterly printed edition of DigiZine magazine. Digidesign’s e-zine,


, has become known throughout the industry as a mecca of wealth for Pro Tools tips, recommendations, training resources, user profiles, and more. Due to this popularity, Digidesign will kick off its first printed edition of DigiZine in April, 2004, and will distribute the magazine internationally at both popular industry tradeshows and Digidesign dealer locations.