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DC Post|Production Conference: Finalizing Your Edit: Mastering Picture & Sound for Pro Results

A three-day training event at GV Expo running from December 1st through 3rd, the DC Post|Production Conference is designed for professionals in TV, video, film, motion graphics and new media who wish to maximize their creativity and efficiency, and improve their technical skills. Sessions are geared to intermediate to advanced professionals and are presented theater style with ample time for Q&A. The conference runs three full days in three parallel tracks.

Today we’re highlighting:

Finalizing Your Edit: Mastering Picture & Sound for Pro Results

You’ve achieved picture lock on your project and you think you’re done, right? Think again!

Finishing is the process of refining the audio and video of your project to as close to perfection as you can – to not only fix problems but so you can truly realize your creative vision.

In this in-depth session, join colorist & trainer Robbie Carman as he leads you through the complex tasks of finishing picture and sound for a project.

First, we’ll tackle video including fixing common mistakes like flash frames, blanking, bad speed changes and others. Next, we’ll discuss how to adhere to broadcast standards and why those standards matter even if you’re not delivering for broadcast. We’ll discuss essential color correction techniques and also cover some key components of finishing when graphics & composites are involved.

Next, we’ll jump over to the audio side and talk about dialog editing, sound design and mixing. For editors without a strong background in audio, effects like compression, limiting & eq can be confusing, so we’ll cover the whens and hows of using audio effects. We’ll also explore how to properly set up projects for common audio deliverables including a detailed discussion on bussing & submixes.

While we’ll use a few tools like Premiere Pro, Scopebox, DaVinci Resolve & others to show specific tasks, this session is platform agnostic. The concepts covered can be applied no matter your finishing tool.

Audience: Editors, assistant editors, DPs, producers, audio editors, colorists.

When: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Instructor:Robbie Carman

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