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David Lowery Uses Adobe Creative Cloud to Edit His Sundance Film ‘A Ghost Story’

"I love knowing that everything works together [in Creative Cloud]," he says.

Editor turned filmmaker David Lowery speaks to Adobe’s blog about using Adobe Premiere Pro to cut his film A Ghost Story.

“I love knowing that everything works together [in Creative Cloud],” he says. “A lot of the frustrations I’ve had in post-production came from having to go from one piece of software to another, exporting and importing. With Dynamic Link, it’s so easy to move between editing and visual effects. One of my favorite ways to distract myself when I’m editing a movie is to go and find something to paint out in After Effects. It’s like doing a magic trick. On A Ghost Story we have so many little composite shots, and Dynamic Link has been really helpful. We were able to mask some of the basic splits in Premiere Pro, and we often went to After Effects if a shot needed a bit more blending. My favorite thing is that I don’t have to look up anything. Premiere Pro is very intuitive and I can just open everything and start working right away. We also used the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro for all of our rough color correction. When we submitted to Sundance we put looks on everything just using Lumetri.”

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