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David Holbrooke Profiles His Famous Father in HBO Doc ‘The Diplomat’

Director David Holbrooke talks to NPR about his very personal HBO documentary, The Diplomat, which focuses on his father, famed diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

Says David, “I don’t think I’m grieving for him, but there’s not a day I don’t miss him. And I think – and this is a weird thing to say, but that the world doesn’t miss him, you know, that – what’s going on in Afghanistan – look; this monster earthquake just happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And he would have been on a plane, and he would’ve landed there. And he would’ve been trying to marshal U.S. supplies and aid to help the people in the region. Politics be damned. War be damned. He would have been trying to help people in need. And that, to me, was how he saw diplomacy, often at its best. How could American exceptionalism, American might be used to help people who are less fortunate? And of course, it was much more complicated than that, but one of the real reasons I wanted to make this film was I felt he had something more to say, and I love that people are paying attention to him and his belief that diplomacy really matters.”