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David Fincher: The Complex Mind of ‘Social Network’s’ Anti-Social Director

The new Hollywood Reporter magazine offers
a rare profile of the anti-authoritarian rebel who shot Rooney Mara
topless for a new ‘Dragon Tattoo’ poster, wanted to call Mark Zuckerberg
‘Judas,’ and doesn’t play the Oscar game. ‘You won’t see me on Barbara
Walters, Oprah.’

“I’m going to gut this place!”

David Fincher saunters through the fortress-like,
11,000-square-foot Hollywood studio he bought back in 2002 that’s the
closest thing he has to his own private fiefdom. It’s as big as his
talent, as vast as his imagination — but it’s still not quite right.
“Maybe I’ll rip down the walls and have everybody in one open space,” he
declares. “What do you think?”

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