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Dark Horse Streamlines with LEDs from Photon Beard

At Dark Horse Productions, we service a wide range of clients and do a lot of shooting on location. Our environments are constantly changing. I found myself unpacking and re-packing light kits to fit specific jobs and wondered if I could streamline the operation with an all-in-one light kit.

I needed something versatile but was turned off by the drawbacks of standard LED lighting. While LEDs don’t produce as much heat as other lights and can often be run off a battery, I needed something with more punch for softbox and barndoor use. I was impressed by remote phosphor LED systems, as this technology generally avoids other issues I had with standard LEDs, namely, color spiking that creates unnatural tones or hues, and banding when recording at higher shutter speeds.

After looking around and comparing lights, it seemed that Photon Beard had the answer to my lighting challenges. Its PhotonBeam 80 LED luminaire emits a strong, dimmable natural light; unlike a traditional LED, the PB80 casts a single soft shadow. The remote phosphor technology produces a smooth, pleasant light source without all the extra heat. By snapping in an alternate disk, the light can be switched from daylight to tungsten in a matter of seconds.

The PB80 light kit arrived the day before an important shoot. When we put the lights to work on location the next morning, they immediately delivered on my expectations. Replacing my tungsten softboxes and my 1×1 light panels in many cases, the PhotonBeam 80s have become my go-to light kit.

Darin Hohman is owner of Dark Horse Productions.