Dan Harmon Talks New Animated Series 'Rick and Morty'

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Community creator Dan Harmon talks to Adweek about his new animated series Rick and Morty, which in some ways is diametrically opposed to the vibe of his NBC sitcom.

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He says, "Community starts with the idea that we are all people and part of some family, and usually the call to adventure is the insinuation that there’s a system or ideology that’s more important than people, and it causes chaos. And they eventually come to the conclusion that when they got out of bed that morning, they were as good as they were going to get. Rick and Morty is an inversion of that: Science rules supreme, marriages are on the rocks, and things get so chaotic that it does boil down to the petty, emotional issues of humanity. And the moral is that we’re all pretty insignificant."

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