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DALSA Intros New Camera Models, On-board Data Recorder & Anamorphic Lenses

DALSA Digital Cinema

announced that it is expanding its 4K product line to include new 4K camera models, an on-board 4K data recorder, and new 4K anamorphic lenses. The new products will be on display at NAB 2007 (booth #C-9423), April 16-19, 2007 in Las Vegas. The new and innovative products, which will be rolled out over the next year, build on DALSA’s 25+ year reputation as an international leader in high performance digital imaging and as a pioneer in 4K, the emerging quality standard for image capture and archiving of motion picture content.

New Products to be showcased at NAB

— DALSA Evolution 4K Camera, a smaller form factor model that incorporates the company’s latest generation frame transfer CCD image sensor, delivering unmatched image detail, industry-leading exposure latitude, and superior highlight handling performance. The new camera, which uses cine-lenses and has a real optical viewfinder, also includes a new live HD/SDI output feature for enhanced on-set monitoring and direct HD recording if desired. Available early 2008.

— The DALSA Origin II is a field-proven 4K cinematography camera based on the original award-winning Origin(R) camera. The newly updated model features DALSA’s latest generation frame transfer CCD image sensor and includes new ease-of-use features such as a simplified touch screen interface, 24 reference white balance curves/display LUTs, and an enhanced “Visualize” on-set image analysis toolset. No other digital camera offers better performance, whether the image sensor is CCD or CMOS. Available now.

— Flashmag is a unique untethered solution for recording RAW, uncompressed 4K data from the Origin II and Evolution 4K cameras, ensuring unparalleled image quality and portability in the widest variety of shooting conditions. Based on high speed, non-volatile, solid-state memory, the DALSA-designed compact device captures 20 minutes of RAW, 16-bit, uncompressed 4K data or 40 minutes of RAW, mathematically-lossless data. The recorder also doubles as a fully portable playback device for on-set review of dailies. The Flashmag performs image reconstruction (RAW Bayer to RGB) on-board in real time and then plays back at “Super 2K” resolution via dual HD/SDI outputs. Available early 2008.

— DALSA is expanding its own line of high performance PL-mount cine lenses to include new 4K Anamorphic lenses. Built for DALSA by Eric Peterson of A&S Precision and designed by legendary lens designer Dan Sasaki, the new anamorphic models will give cinematographers the unique opportunity to shoot anamorphic widescreen digitally using the full resolution capability of DALSA’s frame-transfer CCD image sensor. The new anamorphic lenses completely cover DALSA’s high performance 4K chip through all focal lengths to deliver beautiful, sharp, crisp, clear pictures.