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Dalet and DataDirect Networks Deliver Storage for Large-scale Newsroom HD Deployments

Dalet Digital Media Systems and
DataDirect Networks announced that both companies are collaborating to optimize the storage infrastructure for large-scale deployments of HD video across the newsroom. The companies advanced load testing scenarios and demonstrations have addressed specific challenges of high-definition video over standard IT networks.

“An increasing number of broadcasters are considering the move to HD for news,” says David Lasry, president and CEO of Dalet. “HD TV sets and cable networks are ready for it but the challenge remains workgroup production across the newsroom: making HD broadcast quality video available on each journalist desktop workstation requires massive bandwidth that only best-of-breed infrastructure from leading vendors such as DataDirect can provide”.

“The adoption of high definition programming poses new challenges for broadcasters. Larger media file sizes and streaming bit rates make storing, editing, and delivering content more difficult,” says Paul Bloch, president for DataDirect Networks. “Dalet’s experience in developing software to manage multimedia assets combined with our S2A storage appliance to store and deliver media in realtime helps broadcast news outlets redefine their process workflow. The combination of Dalet and DataDirect Networks enables integrated management of high-definition video from acquisition to air with realtime performance and exceptional quality of service.”

In collaboration with DataDirect Networks” technical teams, Dalet Labs validated the DataDirect S2A9550 storage system”s high throughput capabilities running within the Dalet broadcast environment. Back-office media processing expertly managed a high number of simultaneous file transfers, rendering and rewrapping processes proving that large-scale deployments of HD-based newsrooms are now feasible.

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