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Cute Animals Bring on the Christmas Cheer in John Lewis Holiday Commercial

UK retailer John Lewis has released its annual Christmas spot.

This time, a little girl’s Christmas gift of a trampoline has some unexpected fans in woodland creatures and her dog, Buster the Boxer.

The enormous multi-platform campaign also includes 360-degree videos, Snapchat filters, Twitter stickers, bespoke merchandise, an in-store VR experience and more.

Dougal Wilson directs and MPC provides the visual effects, including photo-real CGI version of all of the animals. “With six creatures to animate and plenty of extreme close-ups, and slow-mos, the creative and technical scale of this film is unparalleled; animation tests started before the shoot even begun. MPC built its most advanced rigs yet – five in total – and developed bespoke software to perfect the animals’ skin sliding so that every jump, twist and bounce is rendered completely authentic,” Tim Van Hussen, MPC’s animation supervisor, tells STASH MAGAZINE

Watch the ad below and read more here.