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Crooked Letter Films Hits the Road with AJA CION

When Brooklyn Bicycle Co. approached Crooked Letter Films about creating a promo, company founder Gabriel Gomez elected to shoot in ProRes with an AJA CION production camera. The video follows three bikers along their daily routes through the city. “We shot all over with CION, often out of the back of a van, so having CION’s top handle for run and gun helped things move along,” Gomez recalls. “I loved how light, small and accessible CION was. We could capture what we needed without being overwhelmed by excess cords, monitors and buttons.”

Cinematographer Benjamin Garst adds, “The simplicity of CION’s settings is great, and the menus are divided up intelligently. I’d never used CION before, but the learning curve was quick and its menu was easy to navigate, even in a variety of shooting environments.”

Built for Brooklyn | Brooklyn Bicycle Co. from Crooked Letter Films on Vimeo.