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Creative Post Breaks the Ice with ‘Wonders of the Arctic 3D’

Regarding the postproduction process of the IMAX documentary Wonders of the Arctic 3D, supervising editor Adrian Saywell of Toronto’s Creative Post recalls, “Our first duties included on-set processing and backup of [Vision Research] Phantom footage. Once [footage was] backed up and shipped to Creative Post, we processed dailies for Phantom and RED footage using [SGI] Mistika.

“Footage was supplied at various resolutions ranging from 4K to 8K in both 2D and 3D,” Saywell continues. “Utilizing the open platform that is Mistika, we were able to scale all the various formats to the end result 5616 x 4096, which was then filmed out to 70mm for IMAX projection. The proxy and render options in Mistika enabled us to scale to 2K in 3D, where all work was completed before the corrections were applied to the raw camera material.”