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Commercial Can Play Forwards or Backwards

Ad agency attempts to follow client's tagline of "Be Bold" with reversible commercial

In the age of DVR when viewers are fast forwarding or rewinding through commercials, Heineken-owned cider brand Orchard Thieves wanted to make sure you got their message no matter which way you’re going.

In a new commercial, the story of a group of millennials partying on a rooftop plays essentially the same story forward as it does backwards. Created by Irish ad agency Rothco and directed by Stevie Russell, the normal ad sees the group partying from day to night. The reverse has them go from night until the early morning. The idea was to build on the brand’s tagline “Be Bold.”

“Orchard Thieves is all about finding our own bold way to do things and when the idea of a TV commercial that could be watched forwards and backwards was presented we were instantly intrigued,” explains Emma-Jane McKeown, senior brand manager, Orchard Thieves. Watch both ads