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Color Grading ‘Under the Skin’

One of the challenges of color correcting Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin was combining ARRI Alexa footage with hidden camera footage taken from a specially designed One Cam (which accounts for roughly one-third of the film). The grading work was done by Dirty Looks using Baselight.

“I worked closely with Jonathan Glazer to achieve the look that felt right. He was very clear that it should be rooted in an everyday Glaswegian reality,” colorist John Claude tells Definition Magazine. “The balance in the grade was naturalistic in the street cinematography, then more stylized as we took the viewer through some of the more curious, unsettling sequences. The blue ‘swimmer’ sequences, when one of Scarlett’s victims is under the pit, were quite challenging, but made easier with Baselight’s matte-layer stack management.”

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