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Cola Kat Production Documents The Great Los Angeles River Clean-Up with Panasonic AG-HPX170 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder

Secaucus, NJ – Filmmaker Kathy Kolla, president of Cola Kat Productions (Beverly Hills, CA) recently shot a short-form documentary about the “La Gran Limpieza” (“The Great Los Angeles River Clean-Up”) with Panasonic’s AG-HPX170 P2 HD handheld camcorder.

The Los Angeles River Project (working title) will be shown on the festival circuit, especially at many of the environmentally-themed film festivals that are gaining in popularity and impact in the U.S. and internationally.

The documentary was independently produced by Cola Kat to raise awareness about trash in the river and how much of it eventually winds up in ocean waters. Running over 50 miles long, the Los Angeles River flows through 14 cities and countless neighborhoods, from the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley to the ocean in Long Beach.

Director/screenwriter/environmental advocate Kolla has previous experience with Panasonic HD cameras, having shot her award-winning comic short, Another Day, Another Dime (Best First Film, the International Film Festival South Africa; Audience Choice Award, Flint Film Festival), with the Panasonic VariCam HD Cinema Camera. She owns the HPX170 P2 HD handheld, which is her “A” camera for field production.

“The HPX170–and P2 format in general–played an integral role in the Los Angeles River Project,” said Kolla.  “Utilizing the solid state camera and 64GB P2 cards allowed for continuous shooting while in the river, which has steep concrete banks and can be quite treacherous. The camcorder’s light weight helped in that regard as well.”

The one-camera shoot, including interviews with Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) staff and location work across Los Angeles, took place throughout May, with the May 8th annual clean-up event as the centerpiece. “We shot primarily 720/24pN, though we did some undercranked time-lapse footage of freeway traffic at sunset at 12-fps. The HPX170’s choice of up to 20 different frame rates is invaluable.”

The documentary is currently being edited in Final Cut Pro 7.

For more information about FoLAR and the historic Los Angeles River, visit

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The AG-HPX170 is an ultra-mobile P2 HD handheld camcorder featuring full, 4:2:2 independent frame production quality HD and solid-state recording. Building on the AG-HVX200 series’ phenomenal success, the lighter HPX170 is fully solid state (no DV mechanism), and comes with a host of enhancements including a new 1/3″ progressive 3-CCD imager system, wider Leica Dicomar 13X lens, an HD-SDI interface, metadata input and management, and a 5-year limited warranty (with registration). The HPX170 has two P2 card slots and records in 20 HD and SD formats – from 1080i, 1080p, 720p to 480i. Its newly enhanced 1/3″ progressive 16:9 3-CCD imager delivers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, lower noise/smear, and exceptional low-light performance. High-end features like Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) allow for better control over highlights and shadows in run and gun situations. For more information on the HPX170, visit

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