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Codemasters Revs Up the Realism with Sound Devices MixPre-6

The Codemasters F1 audio team took a couple Sound Devices MixPre-6 audio recorders trackside while working on "F1 2017," the latest release in their video game franchise.

<p>The UK’s <a href=””>Codemasters</a> F1 audio team took a couple <a href=”″>Sound Devices MixPre-6</a> audio recorders trackside while working on <em><a href=””>F1 2017</a></em>, the latest release in their video game franchise. </p>

<p>”The first thing that strikes you is the build quality and form factor,” says James Kneen, the team’s senior audio designer. “It’s really beautifully engineered and quite gorgeous. The preamps are amazing quality. They’re really focused, warm and smooth, and lovely.” </p>

<p>Junior audio designer David Gurney adds, “The sound is more like how you hear it—and with the projects we work on, it needs to be accurate. I’ve got a few recorders for personal use, but the MixPre-6 is my only Sound Devices one.” </p>

<p>Audio lead Brad Porter predicts that after using the compact recorders, “we’ll be buying at least one MixPre-6 for the company in the next few months, followed by another one a year later.” </p>

<p>Its small size, the number of inputs and the availability of preamps are factors that make the MixPre-6 attractive as a “go to” recorder for Codies’ <em>F1</em> audio team, but sometimes it’s what a device <em>doesn’t</em> have that’s just as impressive. “While the MixPre-6 has loads of features, it doesn’t have loads of stuff we don’t need,” Gurney explains.</p>

<p>”It’s not cluttered,” Porter adds. </p>

<p>”Right. I mean, we don’t use timecode and all that sort of stuff,” Gurney continues, “so we don’t need a timecode generator built into the device. It just makes it far simpler.” </p>

<p>”Every function feels important,” Kneen says. “It’s perfect.”</p>