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‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ Director: Art Is Never About Answers

Clouds of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas talks to Indiewire about his meta film which was written for and about Juliette BInoche and reflects on the trappings of time, aging, and fame.

Says Assayas, “The paradox of this film is the meta aspect of it, but it’s not the heart of it. It’s more like the comedy element of the film. The way I’m playing with the identities of the actresses and how we remove one side of the border to the other is what somehow makes it funny. I suppose there’s a certain irony, but ultimately what the film about, hidden behind that surface in its most simple sense is: how do we deal with time? How do we deal with aging, which is something that not only actresses care about, but all of us care about…I think art in general is never about answers. It’s always about questions, it’s about doubt, and the only way it can echo with its audience is really because its non-conclusive. Ultimately, it leaves the door open for your own faults and your own memories. It’s your own interpretation. So that is very important.”

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