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Cinematographer Matthew Libatique, ASC and Director Jon Favreau Shoot to Thrill with the Action-Packed Iron Man 2

A few weeks before the end of principal photography on Iron Man 2,
AC is on location with the filmmakers at Los Angeles’
Sepulveda Dam, where the production has erected and illuminated a
massive greenscreen that emanates a nighttime glow visible for miles.
The set represents only part of the exterior of Stark Expo, a showcase
for the technological wizardry of Stark Industries and its head honcho,
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who has recently revealed to the world
that he is the armor-clad superhero Iron Man. The rest of the expo
exterior was a combination of location work at a Los Angeles high school
and CG extensions. “The trick is to fulfill what people liked about the
first film, but do it in a different way and on a larger scale,” says
director Jon Favreau. Judging by the scope of this particular set, the
production will succeed on both counts.  

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