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Chris Milk on What Propels Him to Create and Innovate

On the heels of interactive guru Chris Milk’s latest project – a true 360-degree concert experience with Beck — Gizmodo interviews the artist about the challenges of the project and what keeps him interested in constantly innovating.

Says Milk, “Personally, what interests me most is finding new ways to tell stories, using modern and possibly unexplored tools, that will resonate with people on a deeper emotional level. We don’t know what the established models of interactive storytelling will be in 100 years, just like the pioneers of cinema didn’t envision a 90 minute feature film with a three-act structure. We can only experiment, keep creating new canvases, keep painting new things on them. The best part about this quickly-evolving interactive medium is that the viewer or listener or user isn’t a passive receiver anymore: they’re participating in the narrative, they’re co-creating the art. Look at web-based interactive films, video games, or virtual reality environments – all of them have resonance because they’re as much about what the participant says to the piece, as what the piece says to them.”

Read the full interview here.