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Charming Animated Coke Spot Gives You a Dog’s Eye View

Psyop directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick mixed 2D and 3D animation to give a dog’s eye view of the world for the charming Coca-Cola spot “Man & Dog.”

As Matulick explains about the POV segment in the middle of the spot, “To truly appreciate the unique feeling of looking at the world through a dog’s eyes, we had to make sure that his moments really set themselves apart from the rest of the spot. To achieve this, we did as much as we could to shift the feeling of the moment, from unique camera moves, the look and sound of the action. Things become brighter, more fanciful, and it’s clear that you’re seeing things in a new way.”

The team used Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk Maya and Nuke to achieve the final piece. Read more here on Psyop’s blog.