Channeling 1970s New York for 'Gotham'

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Gotham pilot director Danny Cannon and DP David Stockton talk to ICG Magazine about portraying a grittier New York City to depict Batman's famed Gotham City.

Says Cannon, "I suggested to [executive producer] Bruno [Heller] that Gotham could feel like late-1970s New York, before gentrification. Photos from that era showed the graffiti train and the burnt-out cars and the beginning of the punk movement; it was dangerously alive. Putting our characters in that edgy place felt right, while also allowing for a poetic presentation. I was channeling a bit of Tim Burton as well, going more industrial like his work on [Batman and Batman Returns], though my view is more of what you might describe as Dickensian, filtered through Sidney Lumet and William Friedkin’s New York, and tossing in a little Blondie and Ramones."

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