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CFC Partners with Perceptiv Labs on Drone Cinematography

The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) is using drone technology from tech startup Perceptiv Labs for the production of one of its feature films, 22 Chaser, as well as several screen-based projects slated for production later this year.

“Framing subjects with a flying camera is hard. Perceptiv SHIFT makes it easy, allowing a filmmaker to frame a subject quickly and efficiently while maintaining creative control,” says Neil Mathew, CEO of Perceptiv Labs. “We’re giving the CFC and its partner creators all the control without the pain, while allowing them to take filmmaking into new, exciting territory.”

Perceptiv SHIFT is a vision-guided camera motion control system available as an upgrade kit for drones from DJI and 3D Robotics. Perceptiv SHIFT uses computer vision technology and high-speed machine learning to keep the camera focused on a subject of interest while the drone operator flies the drone.

“The future of modern filmmaking has literally arrived at our doorstep, made possible through Perceptiv Labs’ incredible, affordable technology,” says Ana Serrano, chief digital officer, CFC. “This is exactly the kind of company and product that we love to support through our digital entertainment accelerator, ideaBOOST, and we’re thrilled to introduce Perceptiv SHIFT to our partners, including CORUS Entertainment and SHAW Media, and to be among the first film organizations to leverage this innovative technology for our internal projects.”