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Cartoni Supports Smooth Sports Video at Ross Mobile

Ross Mobile Productions, a division of Ross Video, specializes in mobile sports production. We operate a fleet of five mobile production vehicles that service events in more than 30 states from bases in Florida and New York. Cartoni fluid camera heads and tripods make up a large component of our mobile video production model. We make heavy use of the company’s Maxima and Delta heads.

Our mobile operations have more than doubled in size during the past year. We now have more than 20 Cartoni heads in our inventory and have just ordered several more. We particularly like the Maxima head, which supports payloads from 0 to 86 pounds. Its counterbalance system delivers smooth performance and perfect balance throughout the full 180-degree tilt range.

We recently served as the host broadcaster for an ITF Davis Cup tennis match that included live feeds to Israel, Argentina and the Tennis Channel. To cover the matches, we employed a mobile truck and a five-camera, network-style production setup.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, most affordable productions in the market, and the Cartoni heads and tripods are part of the reason we are able to do so. They have certainly lived up to their reputation in these applications.

Mitch Rubenstein is president of Ross Mobile Productions.