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‘Canopy’ Director Aaron Wilson Dissects One of His Film’s Most Pivotal Scenes

In an article on Indiewire, Canopy director Aaron Wilson explains how he captured one of his film’s pivotal scenes–one that take place in the middle of the night during a tropical storm.

He writes, “From the outset, it was always going to be difficult for us to make a film set mostly at night, set under a full moon in a tropical jungle, working with very little money with under two weeks to film. My cinematographer (Stefan Duscio) and I spent several weeks in the Singapore jungles and mangroves trying to strategize just how we’d light the numerous night scenes to maintain consistency and authenticity. Much of the film was approached with a detailed strategy and complete set of storyboards, but the shoot involved lots of inventiveness when nature would intervene and throw our plans into disarray.”

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