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Canon Introduces C300 Mark II

Canon has introduced the Canon C300 Mark II, expected to deliver in September of this year.

As cinematographer Erik Naso explains, “The C300 MKII is Canon’s first internal recording 4K camera. It does pack some nice features and also lacks some too. Namely frame rates. It doesn’t do more than 60P in 4K. It will do 120 in 2K. Not bad and the codec is pretty good so uprezing it could be a pretty good option. I really haven’t been to impressed with the image quality of the GH4 and A7s in higher frame rates but then these are cheap cameras compared to this C300 MKII. Speaking of codecs the C300 uses a new XF-AVC Intra. It’s 410Mbps in 10-bit 4:2:2 at up to 29.97 frames per second  internally using CFast 2.0 cards.”

Watch a couple of intro videos below and read more here.