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Canon 5D Mark IIIs Get a Cat-Eye View for Documentary ‘Kedi’


director Ceyda Torun and co-DP Charlie Wupperman speak to

MovieMaker Magazine

about shooting their documentary about Istanbul’s famed feral cats.

“We chose to use Canon 5D Mark IIIs, with L series zoom lenses, in order to capture the beauty of the city and the animals while remaining incognito,” they explain. “We often were mistaken for photographers, so most people, other than our interviewees, left us alone and were natural if they were on camera. We had a bunch of different rigs so that we could follow the cats on their eye level. Keeping the cats in focus was the biggest challenge with the shallow depth of field of the large Canon chip, but we felt that the soft backgrounds really helped to create a cinematic feel. The cats loved the cameras, so much that they would come up and rub themselves against them.”

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