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Buyer’s Brief: Lighting

In this Buyer’s Guide we focus on a number of lighting fixtures that allow you to set up the shot you want, whether in a studio or on location.



StarMaker is a location LED production light system available in two levels of protection: the IP-20 model is suited for clean and dry interior/exterior operation, while the IP-65 model is water- and dust-proof, for use in exterior shoots where the weather may be unpredictable. Both models are bi-color flat LED panels. With a 90+ CRI, they can be used at full daylight color (6,200°K), full tungsten (2,800°K) or any color mix level in between. StarMaker units deliver strong light output across their 45° beam angles, with 111 footcandles at 6 feet and 28 footcandles at 12 feet. Output is dimmable from 0 to 100 percent without color shift. 

Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Celeb 850

Kino Flo will be launching several new products at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Celeb 850 LED panel is a 4K tungsten-equivalent softlight with variable (2,500°K to 9,900°K) 360-degree color, RGB, green/magenta control and wireless DMX. The Celeb 850 joins the new lightweight Select Freestyle LED fixtures, which sport detachable LED panels, chassis, controllers and mounts for work on light stands, hanging from studio grids or building into sets. The 360-degree color Select 30 and Select 20 will be enhanced with removable LED panels like the Freestyle, and a new 4-foot version, the Select 41 LED, will be added to the family.


XMT 500 Pro Traveler Monolight

The Bowens XMS range (available in 500, 750 and 1000W models) is the definitive flash system targeting studio photographers. It provides the highest specification available from a single flash head, with faster recycling times and shorter flash durations than any previous models. All XMS units are fully digital, ensuring total accuracy of flash power and color temperatures. This means less time required for processing images and more time available for creating the perfect picture in camera. For photographers working on-the-go, the XMT includes TTL technology that delivers a perfect flash exposure every time, without metering. Once the remote is attached to your camera’s hotshoe the XMT will automatically adjust light settings.



The new PopSpot Focusable Fresnel is a mighty LED unit in a tiny package. Most Fresnel lights are bulky, heavy, fragile and hot, but the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel avoids those pitfalls by combining power and control in a form factor about the size of a soda can. A simple twist focuses the PopSpot’s output from a 55° to 25° beam angle, and removable barndoors offer further control of the shape and direction of the light. Its compact size and lightweight build offer flexibility in mounting, positioning and concealing, and allows it to travel virtually anywhere. PopSpot runs off of conventional AC power or an optional battery module.

Ikan Corp.


Ikan recently introduced the Stryder line of COB LED lights. The Stryder bi-color 200W LED light (SB200) is a 5-inch Fresnel that can change from a wide to a tight beam angle with just the click of a latch. Thanks to its quiet active cooling system, professionals can easily keep working through any shoot. With its lightweight nylon resin body, the SB200 is easy to move around on set. Stryder uses a Gold Mount or V Mount battery.