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Buyer’s Briefs: Bonded Cellular Streaming

Bonded cellular equipment manufacturers have been evolving and improving the technologies that allow for reliable live production. In this month’s Buyer’s Guide we examine the best options for distributing live signals across cellular networks.



Designed for newsgathering teams and video content contributors on the move, Dejero’s LIVE+ GoBox enables remote video acquisition by transmitting video with high picture quality and low latency over multiple IP networks. The rugged LIVE+ GoBox is designed to work whenever and wherever news is breaking, and in the most challenging of circumstances. Mobile journalists can grab the unit and head to the scene to capture and transmit live reports, or record up to 40 hours of HD video. Using bonded cellular, Wi-Fi and portable satellite connections, the system reliably delivers exceptional picture quality with low latency even when bandwidth is extremely limited. 


AirStream 2.0

AirStream is the solution for capturing and transmitting live, high-quality video and audio via 3G/4G LTE public infrastructure, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional newsgathering. News crews can respond quickly to developing stories and provide first-on-scene reports without the need to dispatch a news van.

“Live streaming via cellular bonding is a lower-cost and rapidly deployable alternative to microwave or satellite newsgathering, and provides a viable approach for coverage of non-traditional markets, such as school sporting events, local politics and extreme sports,” says Michael Payne, president, Vislink Americas. “AirStream 2.0 delivers exceptional performance in both stationary and mobile applications, making it easier than ever to produce live, broadcast-quality IP video for distribution anywhere. Additionally, our partnership with TVU Networks increases the distribution capabilities through the TVU Grid.” 

JVC Professional Video

GY-LS300 4KCAM Camcorder

The flagship camera for JVC’s new 4KCAM product line, the GY-LS300, features JVC’s 4K Super 35 CMOS sensor, an MFT lens mount, and Variable Scan Mapping technology, which electronically adapts the active area of the Super 35 sensor to provide native support of PL and EF mount lenses, among others, with the use of third-party lens adapters.

Its built-in HD streaming engine with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity allows live HD transmission directly to hardware decoders and more. The GY-LS300 supports various streaming protocols including RTMP, so it can also stream directly to Ustream, YouTube and content delivery networks.

To compensate for unpredictable Internet access through shared networks, adaptive bit rate technology dynamically adjusts the quality of a video stream based on available bandwidth. As a result, the JVC camera can maintain a live video feed even when data rates are reduced due to increased web activity or fluctuating signal strength.