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Bright Technologies Showcases 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer at NAB 2011

New BrightDrive G2 Feature Enables Content Creators to Benefit from Improved File Management in 3D Productions

Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2011, Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technology for shared media applications, is showcasing its 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer at NAB 2011 on booth #SL9126. The 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer, a new addition to the comprehensive tool-set of the company’s BrightDrive G2 and BrightDrive G2 Pro media file servers, simplifies the workflow requirements of 3D post-production, and enables smaller post facilities to undertake 3D projects without having to dramatically increase their hardware commitments.

The 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer significantly reduces the complexities associated with handling 3D workflows. For example, 3D projects naturally require two video streams – one for the left eye and one for the right. This fundamental prerequisite immediately increases the amount of storage capacity required. However, Bright’s new 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer reduces the need for additional storage by enabling content creators to merge 3D frames for optimized playback in one contiguous stream. This makes 3D workflows easier to manage in terms of data wrangling and storage performance, and ensures that hardware costs are kept to a minimum as operators do not need to work on two volumes or name spaces.

“As the movie and television industry turns more towards 3D content, Bright has responded with a technology that facilitates the handling and management of 3D interleaved projects,” said Ed Rodriguez, President, Bright Technologies, Inc. “The new 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer also makes 3D projects more accessible for small post facilities as it eases the burden of hardware costs. Once again, Bright continues to lead the field in the development of new and innovative features that truly respond to customer demands.”

By merging two streams of 3D files in one contiguous stream within a single name space, postproduction facilities save on storage hardware and at the same time, achieve more reliable and predictable performance from their storage. Also the workflow of 3D projects is considerably easier and more efficient as the user manages all 3D files from one spot. Discontinuities or missing frames are quickly identified and can be remedied easily.
Bright’s 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer is application agnostic and works with all StorNext-based systems.

3D Stereoscopic Optimizer is available direct from Bright Technologies, Inc. from May 2011.

About Bright                                                                                                                                                                      

Bright Technologies develops highly specialized technology for shared media environments. In the mid-1990s, Bright’s core team began the development of the first file system for shared media. By 1999, Bright was the first company to address the core issues and challenges of file handling in media. Over the past 12 years, Bright has earned a reputation as an innovative, collaborative, problem-solving media software and technology developer. Based on this level of experience and vision for what’s possible, Bright has developed and successfully marketed its current product line. Today, Bright Technologies provides the most advanced and sophisticated media file server in the  industry – specifically designed to meet the needs of media file-based workflows, including low-latency, high performance, best possible predictability and reliability.
Bright Headquarters: 10405 Double R Blvd, Reno, Nevada, USA. t: +1 775 823 9002