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This Branded Cold Water Surfing Film Will Give You Chills

Director Chris McClean’s branded surfing film for Finisterre, “Edges of Sanity,” depicts the beauty and exhilaration of cold water surfing.

McClean tells It’s Nice That about the six-day shoot’s main challenges, “The cold is the main challenge. We’re sleeping in these leaky, drafty Swedish army tents, waking up at dawn cold and tired, then having to rig cameras with frozen fingers that don’t work and chasing the light (we only used natural light). The whole project was a massive challenge, from bringing everyone together to go chase a swell, snapping every board Matt and Noah had with them on the heavy slabs to simply trying to charge batteries in the middle of a muddy field. Every project is going to have its challenges, but the one thing you can’t buy in is enthusiasm. When you have belief in something – cold water surfing, or racing cars, whatever it may be – it’s contagious. Everyone involved got stuck in and made it happen.”

Read the full story here and watch below.