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Bogen Photo Corp. Changes Name To Bogen Imaging(2)

Bogen Photo Corp., a distributor of quality photographic and video equipment today announced that it has changed its name to

Bogen Imaging Inc.

The name change will officially go into effect in January, 2004, and reflects the company’s expanding mission and rapid growth into video and other markets.

In addition to conducting its North American operations under the Bogen Imaging name, the Parent Company Manfrotto (a division of Vitec Group Plc) is also establishing an international chain of distributors that will operate in Italy, Germany and France as Bogen Imaging Inc.

“The name Bogen Imaging presents a more accurate representation of our product range, as well as our actual operations,” said Paul Wild, president
of Bogen Imaging.  “We’ve expanded the breadth and variety of our product offerings tremendously in the last few years, particularly in the video, film, lighting and rigging segments of the market.  While we remain deeply rooted in and committed to the photographic marketplace, we felt that we needed a name that truly reflects our overall mission, which is to provide
the most comprehensive range of premier quality imaging products from a single source in the market.  We feel that Bogen Imaging does exactly that.”