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“Black Christmas:” How Sophia Takal Remade a Slasher Classic Into a Biting #MeToo Thriller (IndieWire)

Director Sophia Takal only had ten months–from pre-production to release–to turn a classic slasher film into a feminist manifesto with a timely message.

“There’s nothing tidy about the conclusion of Bob Clark’s 1974 horror classic “Black Christmas,” hailed as one of the first slasher films and the inspiration for some of the horror sub-genre’s most indelible works. After doling out thrills and chills and vicious kills to a group of sorority sisters over the course of a tidy 98 minutes, Clark’s film doesn’t end with a grand reveal of the crazed killer, no catharsis for its final girl, and little in the way of explanation as to why the hell a group of innocent coeds have forever had their holiday happiness shattered. These days, it’s the kind of open ending that would signal sequel hopes for a burgeoning franchise, but back in the ’70s, it was just a wild way to end a terrifying feature. What’s scarier than not knowing?” – Source: IndieWire

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Director Sophia Takal only had ten months—from pre-production to release—to turn a classic slasher film into a feminist manifesto with a timely message. “There’s an urgency to the movie,” she says. “There’s rage, there’s excitement. This moment of time that we’re living as women right now is captured in the energy of the film.”

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Lindsay (Lucy Currey) in ‘Black Christmas,’ co-written and directed by Sophia Takal.

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