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Behind-the-Scenes of MAX’s Impressive Forwards/Backwards Music Video

Greg Jardin’s high-energy music video for MAX’s “Gibberish” features a series of both hi-fi and lo-fi visual trickery. Appearing as if it was shot in one-take, Jardin has the pop artist dancing and performing normally, while a series of back-up dancers perform in reverse.

He explains to The Creators Project, “In this case, it was the fact that the vocals in the chorus were backwards, so I was trying to think of an idea that incorporated reversed motion, but in a way I hadn’t seen before. I just kind of sat with it for a few days and eventually just came up with the idea to merge forwards and backwards motion in one go…The idea was to make the whole video appear as though it’s one seamless take, even though in reality it wasn’t. Because we used motion control, where the camera was programmed to do the exact same move every time, we were able to shoot it in segments—Max did his in four, and then dancers had a few more. Probably the biggest challenge of that aspect of it was the actual blocking, and working within the constraints of the motion control rig. The camera could only move so fast and go 8′ or so away from its track, so staging the action around that—knowing we could never rely on a cut to punch in on any moments—meant really trying to maximize the limited amount of space we had to work with, and of course, that the lighting worked for each segment that we shot in.”

Watch the video and a behind-the-scenes look below and read the full story here.