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BBC Announces Shortlist of Bidders for BBC Technology

The BBC has announced today that a second stage shortlist of biddershas been selected to the next round in the procurement process for thenew technology services contract for the corporation, and sale of BBCTechnology. The sale is subject to the approval of the U.K. Secretaryof State for Culture, Media and Sport. The contract is worth up to£2 billion.

Among the shortlist are CSC, Fujitsu, EDS, Capita, Accenture, IBM,Logica, and HP.

The move to procure a new technology contract followed an internalstrategic review of the BBC’s technology requirements for thenext decade. The review identified potential annual savings for the BBCof at least £20 million if its technology services wereoutsourced.

Combining the procurement with the sale of BBC Technology Ltd. meansthe BBC can leverage maximum value for the corporation whilstcontinuing to invest more money into its programs and services.

John Varney, Chief Technology Officer, BBC, commented: “Wehave received really positive feedback from the market about this deal,and are delighted to be able to announce that our timetable forprocurement is on track. During the next phase of the process therewill be a rigorous evaluation of not only the technology expertise andoperations of these bidders, but their culture and fit with the BBC– this is a crucial part of our negotiations.”

The process for procurement and sale will be conducted in fullconsultation with staff and the unions.

About BBC Technology Direction Group
BBC Technology Direction is a global operation within the BBC that aimsto identify the technology requirements for the corporation now and inthe future. The division is accountable for both delivering besttechnology practice across the BBC, and reducing the cost of productionprocesses, along with creating and delivering the technical innovationsthat make the BBC a world leading broadcaster.