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Azel Phara’s Music Video ‘Green’ Presents Battle as a Wave of Colors

The wildly colorful short film, directed by English duo bif and produced by Mill+, visualizes Parisian artist Azel Phara’s new track, “Green,” as a study in color and combat. Through a creative approach to animation that incorporates gravity, motion physics, and the power of the elements, the video investigates the physical imprint of combat. It was animated entirely in CG using motion capture technology. According to the producers’ website, the film “represents the threat of man-made weapons to nature and human life.” The directors add, “We wanted to create visuals that were full of contrasts; Minimal to complex, pastel to vivid, earth to air, silent to loud, light to heavy, green to RGB.”

AZEL PHARA – GREEN from bif on Vimeo.

directed by bif
produced by Mill+

available on Spotify/Deezer/Beatport/GooglePlay