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Avid Unveils Liquid Chrome Xe with AJA Support, New System Architecture to Power Fifth-Generation Avid Unity MediaNetwork

Avid Technology, Inc.

unveiled Avid Liquid Chrome Xe, the newest member of the Avid Liquid family. With support for the AJA XENA LHe board, the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system offers customers a powerful, low-cost SDI I/O option and support for uncompressed SD and HD video formats. Avid also announced version 7.2 software for all products in the Avid Liquid family, adding support for a variety of new camera formats from JVC, Panasonic, and Canon, as well as 24p support for JVC cameras. Using Avid Liquid products, videographers can create and output high-quality SD and HD video productions in a variety of formats for tape, DVD, the Web, cell phones, iPods, and PlayStation Portable (PSP) devices.

The Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system is software that works in conjunction with the AJA XENA LHe board. After installing the AJA XENA LHe board with the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe software, customers can easily work on uncompressed HD video projects. The Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system also offers a wide range of I/O capabilities including SD and HD analog and SDI I/O; analog composite/component video I/O; 10-bit broadcast-quality hardware HD to SD down conversion; TBC via analog inputs; analog and digital stereo audio I/O; 2-channel analog audio I/O; and 2-channel AES, and 8-channel embedded audio. Users can also preview their projects in real time from the timeline on an external monitor in HD.

New enhancements to Avid Liquid v.7.2 software include:

— Improved HD workflow capabilities, via new video format support, including:

— JVC HDV 720 24p/25p/60p – from the GY-HD 100 and 200 series

of cameras, including native capture, editing and play back;

— Panasonic DVCPRO HD. Users can import via P2 and edit

material in 1080 interlaced and progressive formats; and,

— Canon 1080 24F/25F/30F capture from the XL H1 camera;

(supports four channels of audio).

— Big Splash CD now standard, with three additional content creation

applications, including:

— Title Deko Pro, Hollywood FX Pro, and Magic Bullet Movie


Pricing for the Avid Liquid family of products begins at $499 for Avid Liquid software. Avid Liquid Pro software with the analog SD breakout box is priced at $999. Pricing for the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system requires two components: the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe software for $999, and the AJA XENA board – sold

separately from AJA – for $1,790

Avid Technology, Inc. also announced the Avid Unity MediaNetwork 5.0 system powered by the Avid Media Engine, a streamlined, next-generation system architecture that sets a new standard in price-performance for real-time shared storage. By consolidating several hardware components into a single, integrated file management system and storage server, the Avid Unity MediaNetwork 5.0 system delivers twice the performance of previous generation Avid Unity systems while maintaining robust data resiliency – all at a new, lower price point designed to appeal to post production facilities of any size. The Avid Unity MediaNetwork 5.0 system is available in scalable SD and HD configurations, both of which offer Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connectivity and 4 Gigabit (Gb) Fibre Channel connectivity, PC and Mac compatibility – including support for Intel-based Mac clients – as well as storage capacity that can scale from 4 to 40 terabytes (TB).

The Avid Unity MediaNetwork 5.0 system is designed to make it easy for post production facilities of any size to select a shared-storage system that meets their unique needs – and expand the system’s capabilities with a range of plug-and-play components as production demands grow over time. The base configurations include:

— The Avid Media Engine – designed for SD workflows, offering Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, 4 TB or 8 TB of initial storage, UnityRAID data protection, and eight client licenses. The base 16-drive configuration supports up to four dual streams of 2:1 SD content or up to 20 lower resolution clients in real time. The Avid Media Engine system can also be augmented with Fibre Channel components to scale to support a total of 46 simultaneous clients (combined GigE and Fibre Channel) and deliver uncompressed HD or 2K resolutions.

— The Avid Media Engine FC – designed for HD workflows, offering support for larger bandwidth HD and 2K files via 4-Gb Fibre Channel connectivity, 4 TB or 8 TB of initial storage, UnityRAID data protection, and eight client licenses. The base Avid Media Engine FC supports up to seven dual streams of Avid DNxHD 145 media or up to 15 Fibre Channel clients working with a mix of resolutions. The system can be augmented with an additional Fibre Channel switch to support up to 26 Fibre simultaneous clients (combined GigE and Fibre Channel). A maximum configuration will support up to five dual streams of 8-bit uncompressed HD material and at least two single streams of 10-bit uncompressed HD media – twice the performance available with previous Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems.

Customers can increase the storage capacity of either Avid Media Engine configuration by adding Avid MEDIArray XT storage modules in 4 or 8 TB increments. Avid also offers additional client licenses and Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet Kits that allow users to expand the networking capabilities of their respective SD or HD base configurations.

The Avid Media Engine and the Avid Media Engine FC base configurations for version 5.0 of the Avid MediaNetwork shared-storage system start at $24,995, and are expected to be available in Q2 2007 through Avid’s worldwide reseller network.